Myall Wellbeing Amalfi Coast, Italian Retreat June/July 2021

Myall Wellbeing Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Myall Wellbeing Italian adventure is set in what is truly one of the world’s most breathtaking locations; the very heart of the Amalfi coast. Based in Praiano, this seven day bespoke sensory immersion offers a once in a lifetime experience that nourishes the soul, mind and body, on a cellular level. The culinary delights,…

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The Namaste Consciousness – The New Black

The Namaste Consciousness

    Feel like venturing down the rabbit hole of delights this weekend? Or simply looking for something mind altering to watch? If you feel even a slither of excitement when you hear the terms evolution, enlightenment, positive change, the laws of attraction, and quantum physics, don your favourite blankie and uggs, get the heater…

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