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Mind Body Collective is a hub for HEARTIsTs. A den of delights for lovers of love, movement, meditation, yoga, and those who believe that the wellbeing of the heart, soul, and planet is an art form worth practice. 
Throughout this portal you can find distinguished Australian based wellness services, products, events, and businesses - from yoga classes & studios, personal training and holistic life coaching, to specialised health & wellness services.   
Established in 2012 by Perth based Yogini Tanaya Ti’en, amidst a decade of managerial roles in health and wellness in both Perth and Bali, MBC was formed with a vision of unifying Australian based yoga, health and wellness specialists and services on one easeful and accessible platform. MBC strives to offer an ever-evolving hub of allied health and wellness professionals to the people of Perth, Western Australia, and beyond. 
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Tanaya Ti'en About the Founder

Tanaya Ti’en is a West Aussie born Mind-Body Wellness devotee. She is part yoga teacher, part marriage celebrant, part writer, and most importantly, devoted mum and partner.

In 2011, after her daughter was diagnosed as profoundly deaf, she founded Angel Armour. A not-for-profit children's project developed to assist hard of hearing children and their families.

Tanaya’s work is centred around the mind-body connection, and the psyche’s key role in illness, dis-ease, and the healing process. Her philosophy is born of a two decade love affair with Aṣṭāṅga Yoga and the Chakras, being augmented with accreditations that include a BA in Performance Studies (VUT) and Dramatic Arts (VCA), and Master Trainer in Fitness and Exercise Physiology.


Recognised as a Level 3 Senior Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia with over 24 years of study, research and experience in human movement, anatomy, and philosophy, Tanaya‘s journey into mind-body-heart science began in the 90’s during her training as an actor and performance writer at both the Victorian College of The Arts and Victorian University of Technology in Melbourne. It was there she first explored and researched the body’s ability to express and indeed, repress its truth.

Gaining insights into the mediums of the written word, movement and sound as powerful pathways to healing, Tanaya hit the mat and the books, and Yoga, Fitness, Psychoanalysis & Phenomenology became the cornerstones of her path ahead.
Tanaya’s classes, workshops, and events are an exploration into the ancient science of Raja Yoga in a modern-day context. Interwoven with poignant soundscapes, and hopefully, a thread or two of illumination.

In 2015, the Rock Your Chakras, Roll Your YamasTM Class Series came into fruition - soon to be followed by the accompanying Card Deck and Book.
If not at a class in her local hood of Perth, Western Australia, or on location solemnising a marriage, you can join Tanaya ‘on and off the mat’ on the Myall Wellbeing Amalfi Coast Retreat, Italy, or in countryside Japan in 2020.


Felix Peter

Excellent Yoga Experience !

While staying in Perth I had the opportunity to join Tanaya's yoga classes. Her way of teaching combined with wonderful music was an amazing experience for me. The combination of music and movement makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a movie, and it somehow feels effortless. Tanaya’s classes are not just a class. They are more like a journey.”



Wendy Balestri

Change is guaranteed, and beware, it's addictive.

Tanaya's classes are more than uplifting.....you find yourself soaring to higher heights.....going beyond any limitations you may think you have. You go inside, you see your real self, you learn to nurture & love the you that you are. Acceptance is where you get to. The music, the moves, the energy in the room. Sometimes there are affirmations and they are just what you need that day. We are encouraged to a place of Gratitude...for all that we are, all that we can do and for each other. You feel yourself smiling from the inside. Change is guaranteed and beware, it's addictive.”

Wendy Balestri

Perth, Western Australia

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Tailors classes to everyone.

Tanaya’s classes inspired what has developed into my passion and love of Yoga. She helped me learn the basics and build on my practice, encouraging me to push myself to do things I never imagined I could do but maintaining a strong focus on form and technique. She has an amazing way of reaching and tailoring her classes to everyone in the room whether they are a beginner, advanced, pregnant, injured etc. An amazing person and teacher who has inspired me as a person and a Yoga Practitioner.”

Kiara Matkovich

Perth, Western Australia

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Professional, unique, spiritual, authentic.

Tanaya is professional, unique, spiritual, authentic, passionate and beautiful from within. Her magnetic and positive energy permeates throughout her classes.

Sonia Livanos

Perth, Western Australia

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TOTALLY in love with my Rockn Chakra Toolbox.

I'm TOTALLY in love with my Rockn Chakra Toolbox and cant wait to really mesh them into my yoga classes, yoga teachings and help to educate myself more on the philosophy of yoga. These cards are FANTASTIC. 

Simmy Dodd

Perth, Western Australia