Partner Yoga Partner yoga for both singles and couples.

Partner yoga provides a portal into the yoga of relationship and can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

Power Dating Yoga (PDY) is partnered yoga for both singles and couples.

PDY for singles is a partnered yoga adventure in a relaxed environment where you can stretch, connect, reflect, and shoot the breeze with likeminded singles.

PDY for couples is an explorative partner yoga workshop with the partner
of your choice. Whether you've just met, or have been together for eons, at a PDY couples workshop you can gather tools to evolve your intimacy, unleash more playfulness into the mix, and cultivate deeper conscious connection.

At a PDY event, we explore yoga's ethical practice via a series of simplistic partner yoga postures, organic movement, and soulful conversation. Via the mirror of others, we can move from isolation to integration. From independence to interdependence. From the solo mat to the mat of the world.

In the mirror of others, in a forum where we can explore and relax into our most vulnerable selves, sharing our highest heart visions, we are better able to identify the parts of ourselves that are inhibiting our personal growth. In an environment of unconditional positive regard, we become better equipped to cultivate authentic connections, and nurture a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves, embracing our imperfections. At a Power Dating Yoga workshop we find the perfect platform to do just that.

In order to show up in the world and create positive change, the challenge is to master ourselves. In order to further evolve and enjoy our birthright of Divine love and reverence, the challenge is to master ourselves in relation to others.