A Toolbox for Life Yogi Card Deck | By Tanaya Ti'en | Artwork By Athina

Rock Your Chakras, Roll your Yamas

Rock & align your Chakras with this 56 card deck adventure into the Virtues of Yoga. Heartily crafted by Tanaya Ti'en and Athina Efthymiopoulou, to assist you on your journey into unleashing the most magnificent version of you!

With the celestial guidance of the seven Chakras, journey into Yoga - beyond the mat - with this toolbox for life, Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas leading the way. Each card, illuminating an age-old wisdom in a concise, present-day context.




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In addition, to guide you along the way, you’ll find seven Chakra specific Asana cards with Yoga postures and breathing techniques intended to open, expand, and unify; mind, body, and soul.

Come on in. Beyond aesthetics. Into a space where any ‘body’ can practice no matter what shape, size, or circumstance.

There are no coincidences. Open sesame. Pick a card at random. Or select one of the suggested spreads. Tune in to the teacher within yourself, and get ready to redesign, redefine, and reboot your life, one card at a time!

Other ways you can work the alchemy of the cards...

For Yoga and Meditation Teachers

Use the cards to theme your classes. Select a card at random or work through the deck from start to finish.

For The Keen Enthusiast, Novice, or Practitioner:

Choose a card at random during times of doubt, confusion, and indecision, or whenever you have a burning question that you'd like some guidance with.

Or, select one Virtue card each day, pair it up with its matching Asana card, and work through the deck from start to finish over forty nine days, for a powerful dose of natural brain botox and Chakra awakening Yoga postures!

In a nutshell, the ten jewels of the Yamas and Niyamas along with the 7 Chakras offer an ethical system or set of tools that can assist us in taking ownership of our lives and connect us with the peace, harmony, and fulfilment that was always meant to be.

In the Rock Your Chakras Roll Your Yamas Card Deck we draw upon the ancient wisdom of the Chakras, the Yamas and the Niyamas, and from a modern perspective, utilise this wisdom as a powerful navigation system to guide us on our life's journey, on and off the mat.

You can think of it like this. The cards are like a lighthouse. You are the captain of the ship, and only you have the power to steer your ship in whatever direction you choose. The idea is to choose a card, then tune in to the sage within yourself... that innate wisdom that is always there underneath the hussle and bustle of life. In this light, the cards work as a magical guide to reconnect us to our own creative and limitless potential.

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